sociopolitics replied to your post: mango chutney is my favorite thing

it’s actually really sad that you like indian food more than me

i love indian food so much though really oh my god i ate a whole jar of mango chutney from trader joes in two days i am not even kidding you. i really just love indian food and also i got garlic naan from trader joes two and its frozen and you put it in the microwave and i got that to go with the chutney but then i ate all the chutney and now there is none left to have with the naan so yes. also one time i got this mix to make those like lentil pancakes things, i have forgotten the name of them right now but i think it is like dosai or something with the letter d. and yes i got that and i made the mix and i tried to make them in a pan but it turned out terrible and yes. is this really a strange thing to write a whole paragraph about.